Mathias Bosman

Mathias Bosman


Screenless self-charging smartwatch

Sequent has developed a smartwatch which can recharge itself by means of kinetic energy. The smart watch contains a large amount of build-in sensors but does lack a digital screen.
The little device resembles a traditional watch were it not that it contains a GPS, heart rate sensor, pedometer, and an accelerometer.
The Sequent is waterproof to fifty meters and can therefore be used for swimming. Synchronization with a smartphones takes place via Bluetooth (4.2) both supported on Android and iOS. Windows Phone and BlackBerry phone support should follow.

The creator puts his money on sports use; due to the generated kinetic energy, the built-in battery can be charged. Sequent promises that in normal daily activity enough energy can be generated for normal use of the watch. However, in extreme use, more energy can be used than generated, for example, if GPS, heart rate sensor, and other sensors are used simultaneously. How long it takes before the watch is functional again is unknown; Detailed battery and usage data are not yet available.

Furthermore there is also support for notifications built into the watch. Because no screen is present, notifications are displayed via a small LED on the dial. The remaining battery capacity and daily activity are also shown on the dial. Detailed information is displayed on the smartphone via the corresponding application.

On Kickstarter you can purchase a Sequent smartwatch starting at a price of 189 Swiss francs. (That is about 172 euros.) The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of the year, but it is unclear whether everybody will get the watch at the same time. Shortly after starting the Kickstarter, Sequent already achieved the target amount of 80,000 francs.


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