Mathias Bosman

Mathias Bosman


2017 desk setup

After my move to my very own flat I took the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ my office desk setup.

To do this I had several requirements set for my new desk space:

  • cost price shouldn’t be all too high;
  • needs to fit the general style used throughout my flat;
  • clutter free;
  • clean and minimal;

Simple, but maybe too simple…?

Somewhere, deep down, I knew I would end up at Ikea, so I made the mistake of just fetching one of Ikea’s basic desk pieces. I ended up buying the very simple Malm desk (Ikea article code: 702.141.92).
Don’t get me wrong, it is a great functional desk but it wasn’t really wat I was looking for.

Ultra-wide monitor

Around a month ago I decided to sell my 2 24″ screens and buy 1 ultra-wide monitor.
The monitor I eventually bought (again: I try to keep cost prices to a minimum) was the 29″ LG 25UM58-P. By this time I realized that the Ikea Malm desk wasn’t really what I wanted. The desk quickly looked way to cluttered.

So when I finally stumbled upon a Youtube video by David Zhang, I knew I had to have that desk setup!

The new setup

Obviously I couldn’t just copy his setup. The height-adjustable system was just slightly too expensive (over € 500!) to invest in it. I own a pretty decent chair already and am not too big of a guy so height wasn’t really an issue.

The desk

I started out by buying the (very heavy) kitchen worktop from Ikea: the walnut KARLBY (003.352.01).
For supports I bought two simple ODDVALD Trestles (101.189.71).


Off course, one does not simply just buy what he needs at Ikea and my shopping card also contained a black USB led work lamp (003.213.98).

For daily use I choose for a wireless keyboard and mouse setup to, again, prevent clutter when wiring them up.

The keyboard is the Logitech K810 keyboard and the mouse is the Logitech M705.


Small notices on this: the keyboard itself works via bluetooth but comes without a receiver.
The mouse has a sensor that is not positioned in the middle, so moving left and right with your mouse is a bit getting used too.

In the end I also ended up still using a secondary monitor which comes in handy while you are gaming or want to watch a movie on the side while working.

The end result

… turned out to be exactly what I wanted, thank you Youtube, David Z. and Ikea!


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